November 2, 2017

Top 5 Travel Accessories

I love traveling! Whether it's a weekend trip to NYC or a long weekend in Michigan or even overseas I have packing for a trip down to a science. There are a few travel necessities that I never leave home without. I get so many questions about my top 5 favorite items and must haves while traveling so today I'm sharing all the details since I'm packing up and heading to Canada this weekend!

Luggage Set 
Just do it. I highly recommend taking the time and money to invest in a good luggage set! I purchased the DVF set through Gilt for only $200! The luggage is lightweight and extremely durable, I personally recommend a hard case suitcase as opposed to cloth. A hard case suitcase is extremely durable and long lasting. I was worried about the white color but I've checked in it on my last 3 trips and haven't had any issues. I also recommend Away, Raden, Tumi and Steamline for luggage sets.

I never travel without a neck pillow! I even take it on the bus when I'm going to NYC. It really helps supports your neck and allows you to rest comfortably throughout your travels. I've also read a lot about Ostrich Pillow and have been wanting to try it out. It looks amazing but I still haven't gotten over wearing it in public on an actual plane! Has anyone tried it?!

Travel Steamer
A friend of mine introduced me to the mini travel steamer back in 2013 and I have never traveled without it since. I can't tell you how many times I've burnt or ruined something on a trip by using the hotel iron. This travel steamer is a game changer and barely takes up any space! You can throw it in your carry on or checked bag and never have to worry about wrinkles on a your trip!

Portable Charger
Game changer. Who wants to be glued to a wall charging their phone? Or making the tough decision of preserving your battery for maps instead of taking photo - no one. This charger is relatively lightweight and charges devices quickly. I got this one over Black Friday two years ago and it's still going strong. I always pack this portable charger when I'm in NYC because I'm constantly on my phone but never have to worry about being left without battery.

Noise Cancelling Headphones
My siblings got me these headphones as a birthday gift and every time I travel I thank them for it. I have so much trouble sleeping on airplanes due to noise, chatter, crying babies, and people eating. These headphones drown out all the noise and allow me to relax.

Hope this list helped! Let me know if you want more travel tip posts!
What are your top travel items?!

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