December 15, 2017

Holiday Gift Guide // Subscription Box

We are entering the final stretch of the holiday season. If you are still frantically looking for the perfect holiday gift I am here to offer you a solution - subscription boxes!! I have rounded up the best subscription boxes on the market. I personally love gifting subscription boxes because it's the gift that gives on giving. Depending on the service you can gift a 3 month, 6 month, or yearly subscription. Gifting a subscription box will make you the family MVP for sure!! 

Subscription Box-Holiday Gift Guide-Birchbox

Birchbox // For The Beauty Lover - I've personally been a BB subscriber since 2012. It is the perfect gift for the beauty obsessed person in your life. A 3 month subscription is $30, a 6 month subscription is $60, and a yearly subscription is $110. There also is a men's birchbox for the leading man in your life!

Subscription Box-Holiday Gift Guide-Raw Spice Bar

Raw Spice Bar // For The Chef - My little brother gifted this to me a few years ago and I absolutely love it! It's a great way to find inspiration for new recipes. The spices are delicious!! A 6 month subscription is $52 and a yearly subscription is $88.

Box of Style // For The Fashionista - This curated box, by Rachael Zoe, is perfect for the fashion lover. Each box is filled with items valued over $400. There are 3 gifting options available - 1 box is $99.99, 2 boxes $199.98, and 4 boxes $349.99. 

Try The World // For The Traveler - This box combines travel and food by providing a curated box of gourmet food from a new country every month. There is an option to gift a country box or a snack box for various subscription periods.

Teabox // For The Tea Lover - Last year I gifted this box to my mom for her birthday and she absolutely loved it! She is a huge tea lover and loved receiving new teas each month to try. There is a gifting option of 1 month $29.99, 3 month for $85.50, and 6 month for $162.

Book of the Month // For The Book Worm - I just signed up for book of the month and I can't wait for my first box! I set a personal goal for myself to read more books! I'm constantly reading articles and following the news online but I want to make a conscious effort to read one book a month. There are gifting options of 3 months for $44.99, 6 months for $79.99, and yearly subscription for $149.99. 

Barkbox // For The Canine - Let's not forget our four legged fur balls that bring so much joy to our lives. Each box has a curated theme which includes toys and treats for your dog. There are many subscription boxes to sign up for here.

Sock Panda // For The Sock Lover - This is a fun subscription box of socks. It's perfect for men, women, and kids! My brother loves colorful crazy socks so I will definitely be gifting this to him! There is an option for monthly, 6 month, or yearly subscription!

Happy holiday shopping!

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