December 14, 2012

Hawaii Chronicles - Day 8

The morning started at Pearl Harbor. We booked a tour for the USS Arizona. ***Travel Note - the USS Arizona tour tickets are free however you can reserve them online for a $1.50 convenience fee. Another heads up for visitors of Pearl Harbor - you are not allowed to bring any bags with you - you can carry your phone/camera/wallet etc with you but they do not allow you to bring any bags to be brought in. There are storage units that you can pay for and store your belongings or you can leave your stuff in the car.*** The tour began with a half hour video about the history of the Pearl Harbor attack & the USS Arizona. After the video we boarded a boat that took us to the USS Arizona Memorial site. Once on site we had 15 minutes to walk around and view the memorial. It was a somber experience and everyone was quite, soft spoken, and very respectful. Visitors can see the sunken ship as well as all the coral life. Once our time was up we got back on the boat and headed back to the harbor. 

We headed up to North Shore for lunch to Giovanni's Shrimp Truck & to have some BBQ Corn. We took Bestie to Giovanni's to have some delicious shrimp. She got the shrimp scampi and loved it!! We also had some amazing BBQ corn! I could have eaten five of them! Too bad it's far away from the apartment or else I would be there every day!

After lunch we went to the beach and worked on our tan.

We were walking back to our car from the beach and we saw a fruit stand and decided to get some coconut. Bestie was not a fan of fresh coconut juice - honestly it's an acquired taste - however she loved the sugar cane! Kathy - the lovely fruit stand lady - was an absolute sweetheart and gave us so much free fruit!! We had coconut, sugar cane, and jabong fruit. It was my first time trying jabong fruit and I must say it was delicious! It's a cross between a sweet lemon and an orange. 

After the beach we went home and freshened up a bit and Bestie packed her things. For bestie's last dinner in Hawaii we went Il Lupino Trattoria. The three of us shared a caesar salad, calamari fritte, margherita pizza, and zucchini & melanzane pizza.   

After dinner we took Bestie to the airport. We really didn't want her to leave but she had to go back to reality & her hubby. It was an awesome five days having here! I'm looking forward for our next vacation together!! 

I can't wait for the next set of visitors in 10 days; my Mama & Lil Bro!

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