December 15, 2012

Hawaii Chronicles - Day 9

The highlight of today was the Billabong Pipe Masters. Today Doc was working a 12 hour shift [yikes] therefore I was all by my lonesome self. I was able to do some laundry, clean the apartment, and catch up on some things. The Pipe Masters competition was back on today and I was streaming it online. They were flying through all the heats and quarterfinals began. The sport announcers predicted that the competition was going to end today. Therefore I dropped everything, got in the car, and drove to North Shore hoping to make it to the finals round. 

It took me about 50 minutes to get to North Shore. I barely made it to the finals round but when I got there the winner was being announced. Joel Parkinson of Australia won the Billabong Pipe Masters and subsequently crowned 2012 ASP World Title. I was rooting for Kelly Slater - who made it to the semifinals but lost to Josh Kerr. Joel & Josh made it to the finals and after an intense heat Joel Parkinson won. I stayed for the award ceremony afterward - majority of the spectators left which meant the shortie that I am was able to get very close to the stage and snap some awesome pictures. 

Traffic was awful on the way back from North Shore but it was totally worth it! 

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